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Welcome to Serenity Within!  Are you ready to transform your life while discovering powerful tools to improve your health and well being?   I'm here to help you explore your inner wisdom and the path to your own "Serenity Within". Teri Conrad, MA,  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt), Transformational Therapist, Stress Management Consultant, and Founder of Serenity Within

Discover Serenity Within - 
At Serenity Within, Ms. Conrad specialize in improving your life using Medical and Personal Growth Hypnotherapy, Transformational Therapy, Stress Management techniques, and many other complimentary modalities.      

Medical (Clinical) Hypnotherapy allows clients suffering from chronic medical issues, such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hypertension, Stress and Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Weight Reduction, Migraine Headaches, Insomnia, Coping with Cancer, Preparing For Surgery, and more, to manage and even eliminate their symptoms and improve their lives. 

Transformational Therapy - Combining numerous modalities, including traditional counseling with complimentary therapies such as Guided Imagery and Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis, Stress Management, Aromatherapy, Art Therapy, Reiki healing, and Journaling, Ms. Conrad  helps her clients improve their lives as they discover their own "Serenity Within"  deep inside themselves.  As an added bonus, clients make positive personal changes, heal their past, and regain control over their lives. As clients complete their journey, they are able to live the life that they had previously only dreamed of.    

Eliminating Unwanted Behaviors, Overcoming Fears,  Improving Self Esteem, Manifesting Your Destiny, Coping With Anxiety and Fear, Improving Study Habits, and Past Life Regressions, are just a few of the personal growth issues Ms. Conrad works with.  For more information on general hypnotherapy topics, please visit our "Persona Growth Hypnosis" page.  

About Serenity Within
Founded by Teri Conrad, MA, CCHt 
in 1997 after she completed her Master's Program at Antioch University, Santa Barbara, Serenity Within continues to evolve as the years pass and Ms. Conrad continues her quest for knowledge and discovers amazing tools from many different therapeutic modalities.  At Serenity Within you will be re-introduced to many of those tools as you begin to rediscover and harness your own natural healing abilities that  you were born with.

What To Expect At Serenity Within
During your first  session, you will be treated with dignity and respect.  And, you will be introduced to deep relaxation techniques, self hypnosis, and the ancient practice of Aromatherapy, along with healing properties of pure essential oils.  Each client will receive their own specially developed "Serenity" Pure Essential Oil,  created to help in reducing stress and anxiety in everyday life.  With these basic tools, and practice, many of your challenges can be alleviated.  

Why Choose Teri Conrad, MA, CCHt and Serenity Within?

In 1996, Ms. Conrad was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FMS) and it changed her life.  As a FMS survivor, she has gained first hand knowledge as to what it is to live with chronic pain and chronic illness.  She has walked in her clients shoes, and she has found herself on the other side.  This unique understanding allows Ms. Conrad great empathy and insight.  She has also discovered the protocol that has helped her regain her health.   With this knowledge Ms. Conrad offers her client's a unique experience, along with the hope for a better quality of life.

Teri Conrad's Education
Ms. Conrad attended Antioch University, Santa Barbara, graduating with her BA in 1995.  Her post graduate work was completed at Antioch in 1997, when she obtained her Master's Degree.  She continued her education, completing her Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification the same year from the American Hypnosis Institute.  Ms. Conrad continues to attend conferences/courses with the American Hypnosis Institute, the American Council of Hypnotists, and the International Hypnosis Federation.  She is a member of the International Hypnosis Federation, Medical and Dental Division, and has participated in advanced medical hypnotherapy studies with Dr. Melissa Roth and Dr. Jaime Feldman. 

Ms. Conrad is also a Reiki Master and offers the healing energy of  Reiki to her clients with each session.  

She resides in Santa Barbara, CA.     Serenity Within is located at 1482 E. Valley Rd, Suite 11, Montecito, CA.  For more  information regarding Ms. Conrad, Serenity Within, or to receive a free Introductory Phone Session, call (805) 895-6040. 

Disclaimer - Medical hypnotherapy is a therapy that is used in conjuction with traditional medicine and can produce remarkable results in symptom management and alleviation.  It is not intended to be an alternative to conventional medicine.  

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